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Birthday Party Ideas

What sounds better than attending a great birthday party with an array of exotic reptiles? With My Reptile Guys, you can plan the perfect party for any age group with a bit of a twist; your choice of reptiles. It’ll be a party that will be the talk of the town for some time, and before you know it you’ll be the go-to source for how to plan the best gathering possible.

While this idea may sound like it needs a lot of work to get set in motion, it’s quite the opposite. Our goal is to make the entire process simple, and we do all the hard work while you just look forward to the date. Our packages offer an unlimited amount of options that prevent any group size from being too large. And the best part is we come to you!

So why should you choose having a reptile party over any of the other choices? We make sure we don’t just bring the animals but we also bring the fun and excitement. There’s never a dull moment during out parties and that’s the way we like it. One moment you could have us ready to greet the guests, and the next minute we could be educating them, allowing them to interact with the reptiles, learn and ask any questions.

And we don’t just come with the reptiles. We know it’s for a birthday, and we know birthdays aren’t complete unless they have some gifts. Accompanying out critters are free gifts not only for the Star of the Show, the birthday king or queen, but also the guests, and at any point during the party they’re free to come up to us and pet our friends.

Make sure you have your camera ready, these moments are ones that you’re going to want to capture! And just a little idea, try making it a surprise for your special someone! The look on their face, as well as on the guests’, will be priceless!

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So if you’re in the Atlanta, New York, Miami, Washington DC, Dallas, or the Houston area, give us a call to book your party today! If you aren’t looking for a birthday party and instead you’re looking for some good, ole educational and interactive fun experiences, My Reptile Guys are for you too! We’ll come wherever we’re accepted, even schools, libraries, camps and other events!

Don’t forget to browse through our site for great party planning ideas, videos of previous parties, packages, and much more! And please feel free to contact us with any questions, we’ll be glad to help you get on your way to throwing one of the most exciting parties or events your guest have ever been to!


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